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Interview with Mamma Mia star

Nelly Stavropoulou and Maria Loupa talk with singer Tasha Seale, minutes before her live performance at The Cherry Tree

Tasha Seale returned to The Cherry Tree this week (Monday 7th November), keeping a promise she had made to restaurant owner Peter Wardle while touring with the Mamma Mia cast. 

Seale, who was asked to step on stage for an impromptu song on her day off from a 2009 tour of the UK, was supported by the Stuart Collingwood Trio – Collingwood on piano, Neil Harland on bass and Paul Smith on drums. Working for the first time together, the ensemble offered their own twist on a selection of songs, the night opening with Frank Sinatra’s ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, which set the mood for a night of classic jazz and blues songs.

Her repertoire included songs by artists such as Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee who, as she told Jesmondlocal, shaped her musical taste while growing up. Seale also commented on the contemporary music landscape and the increasing return to the jazz element.

A Jesmond local herself – Seale used to live in the area – she described Jesmond’s atmosphere as friendly and vibrant. She said she was happy to be back and hopes to have the opportunity to visit again.

Listen to Seale’s interview: Tasha Seale talks to Jesmondlocal

Here’s a taste of Seale’s performance: Tasha Seale sings ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’

For more information on upcoming musical events, visit The Cherry Tree website.

*As published in http://jesmondlocal.com/2011/11/interview-mamma-mia-star/

p.s: You can also listen to a selection of Tashas’s songs here http://soundcloud.com/user9723680/tasha-seale-concert.. it could work as the ideal list to kick back with!


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