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Happy Halloween!

My happy place!


Have you ever felt like you want to get a cup of goood coffee but you are tired of starbucks, costa and all these corporate c**p? I know, I know, I’m no one to talk, -as I’m there every other day because it’s convenient.

The thing is though, that I like to sit and enjoy my coffee in a nice, cosy environment. Turns out, there is such a place in Heaton! I should probably mention at this point that, subconsciously I already loved the place the minute I laid eyes on the sign, as I’m quite obsessed with Friends..

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this small coffee shop, the homemade treats and snacks, the fact that they have boardgames..they even have a huge library, and you can either read something there, or pick a book of your preference and exchange it for one of your own!

Well, that’s my idea of a proper coffee place! SOLD!


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